The three reasons great people leave, and a starting point to fix the easiest one

Broadly, there are three reasons great employees leave:

  1. Most often, because their managers or teams suck.

  2. Sometimes, because there’s something about the culture or structure of the company that drives them crazy.

  3. Least often, because they simply want something different.


You can’t fix the third (nor is it a good use of energy to try).

Fixing bad managers or team environments is its own pursuit and discipline (there’s no magical systemic or sweeping fix).

But I think the second is the highest ROI place to focus – it’s the easiest to systematize with better guidelines, incentives, and structures. This series of posts is an attempt to organize some of those principles.


Avoid the telephone game as you scale (using basic org design principles)

Guidelines for how to create separate tracks for people managers and ICs

Experiment thoughtfully

Be Cognizant of Your “second class” Functions
The “strict flexibility” Approach to Offers (coming July 31st)

Design Your Org Structure Early. Rinse and Repeat Every 6 months (coming August 14th)

Written by Hari Raghavan, Founder of AbstractOps

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