Built for Operators, by Operators.

Built for Operators,
by Operators.

Home to the World's Leading Operators


On-demand, dynamic Q&A with battle-tested operators


Professional Development
Master Classes, Focus Groups and Career Development


Top Talent and Jobs
Looking for Talent or Talented and Looking - OG is the place to be seen and found if you are an Operator


Giving Back
Giving is a core value of the OG.
We look to share our collective skills to great causes and communities outside of our own.

We created an organization that brings together like-minded professionals focused on cooperation and learning, resulting in mutually beneficial relationships devoid of judgement or ego.

Who We Are

The Operators Guild is home to the world’s leading operators.


To support and empower operators as company builders, problem solvers and leaders through a peer-based community built on mutual sharing, lifelong learning, devoid of judgment or ego.

The OG is a resource for exclusive talent to conjure, question, and create.  Designed and built in every way by operators for operators challenged daily with the “yes, but how” questions to take a vision, an idea, a company to the next level. Our jobs are to help build great companies and cultures.

The job is lonely at times and not for the faint of heart, it’s nice to make friends and meet good people who understand what you ‘actually’ do. We very much value the company we keep.

~ Welcome to the Guild ~

Power in the Company We Keep

OG is a tightly-knit community of battle-tested operators refining the craft of scaling businesses, driving growth and giving back; all while having a lot of fun.

Operating ‘alone’ at each company, while held higher by the Guild and the company we keep.

More Talent. Less Ego.

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