How We Work

We created an organization that brings together like-minded professionals focused on cooperation and learning, resulting in mutually beneficial relationships devoid of judgement or ego.


Problem Solving.

Online, on-demand Q&A at your fingertips.  OG Live Q&A is used zealously by members to ask questions, request advice, crowdsource solutions, achieve unbiased feedback and celebrate milestones, all in a ‘safe’ and non-judgmental arena.  Ask someone a question one-on-one or post a question to the forum en masse.

Circles: For the power-users and most active members – “intimacy at scale” – capped in size for those looking to create more intimate professional relationships and in-person engagement. 


Professional Development.

Teach-ins and speaker series events (“Master Classes”) provide outlets for continued learning and the option to continue growing, meet new people and learn new things.

Seasoned operators sharing decades of experience with fellow operators and the up and coming next generation.


Networking, job board and recruitment services.

Organized events each month provide ample chance to network with other guild-approved members. Our proprietor-owned-and-operated recruitment firm, Guild Talent provides a platform and team for recruitment and job-searching.


Making an Impact in our Communities

Giving back more than you get is at the core of the OG.  Our collective and diverse skill sets are valuable to building great companies, but we can make a bigger impact helping great causes and sharing our know-how with our local communities.  Whether that’s a business plan, how to hire a team or bringing a do-good product to market.

Steering Committee

Board of Advisors

Jim's financial and operation leadership for several high profile growth startups in Silicon Valley built the foundations for the multi-billion dollar valuations of Intuit, Netflix, and Mozilla. Over the last 25+ years in Silicon Valley, Jim has advised dozens of CEO's, Boards, and other entrepreneurs both in and out of the Board Room. For the last 10+ years, Jim has served as a Director for the Alliance of CEO's and has developed particular expertise in Board areas including Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, Cloud and CyberSecurity and is a skilled and proven mentor to CEO's and CFO's.

Jim Cook

Jeff Epstein is an operating partner in Bessemer’s Silicon Valley office where he primarily works with chief executive and financial officers to share and implement best practices.

He was the former EVP and CFO of Oracle and served as CFO of several public and private companies. Today Jeff leads the CFO Advisory Board at Bessemer where more than 100 portfolio company CFOs meet in person and online to help each other improve their effectiveness. Jeff specializes in marketplaces and B2B software companies and teaches the Lean Launchpad class at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Engineering with Steve Blank. He serves on the boards of directors of Kaiser Permanente, Booking Holdings, Twilio, Shutterstock and several private companies.

Jeff Epstein

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