“SUPER MEMBER” Appreciation Dinner (INVITE ONLY)


A BIG THANK YOU for the Top 5% of power contributors.

Over these last couple of years, the Operators Guild has picked up steam & grown into not only a community of top operators but more importantly, world-class people.

It has been incredibly rewarding and exciting to see members get so much value from the collective, especially those who have approached the OG from day one with the attitude of ‘give more than you receive’ – which brings us to you.

Success for us is measured by the engagement of and relevance the OG is for our members. While many members contribute, some have gone the extra mile – taking leadership roles, proactively devoting time to programs and much much more.

We’ve got a legit catering company and company to say thank you to our super users.

Details: (INVITE ONLY)

  • When: March 4, 2020
  • Where: MenloVC offices
  • Fun: Cocktail hour followed by plated dinner
  • More Fun: 20 of OG’s finest – will be a pretty private/intimate group

If you missed out this year, why not aim to be a POWER CONTRIBUTOR in 2020 to be invited to next years “SUPER MEMBER” Appreciation Dinner.

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