This is a topic we all can relate to. As operators, we know how comp and equity packages with employees and candidates is an ongoing conversation and a necessary domain to have a finger on the pulse of and truly own.

Menlo Ventures and Operators Guild partnered up to bring you a Comp Strategy Roundtable event co-hosted by Yevgenia Fink and Tom LaWer.

Transparency and education remain key principles for creating mutually beneficial structures for trust and motivation for candidates and current employees.


Operators Guild member Daniel Phung shares the tips he captured:

  • Robert Half for the cost of living adjustment by city. Glassdoor is a decent salary benchmark.
  • Gitlab employee handbook for transparency example
  • Communicate the true value of equity every 6 months to current employees and in offers. Including revenue scenarios to the value of equity (what needs to happen to 5x or 10x the equity value)
  • Lean towards not offering early exercise ability.

Thanks to Yev for leading the conversation, Daniel for his feedback and as always thanks to everyone else who attended for the awesome dialogue.

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