Focus Session: Building and Scaling Data & BizOps Teams


The topic of building/scaling data teams has been a constant topic of conversation at lunches and on the forum for quite some time now. A few questions that folks are solving for:

  • Should they be central to the org or distributed? 
  • How do you prioritize projects?
  • What skill sets do you look for? 
  • Should the teams report to the CFO or CTO? How do dotted lines work?
  • How do you track/report? What systems & tools are used?

Special thanks to Andy Toung. As an early Gusto employee, Andy walked the group through how they’ve built the data/intelligence/BizOps teams from 20>1000+ at Gusto over these last years.

The first half of the lunch was a round table conversation, then Andy busted out the powerpoint and got to work.

A main point of focus debate is whether to build as a centralized or distributed team, determining who owns the insights and how to integrate data as a cultural aspect of the business.

Thanks again to Andy and as always to everyone else who attended this valuable session.

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