“Getting Wired for Prosperity” Market Force Global with Travis Carson


Did you know: Research from the Franklin-Covey Institute shows that 70% of strategic failures are the result of ineffective execution?

Anything else in our work lives creating this much failure would be addressed immediately.  We had Travis Carson, Founder of Market Force Global, come in to share with us tools for protecting our organizations from this statistic. 

Tools for Excellence Under Pressure

Market Force is a business execution system developed by business people for business people. Used for over 40 years by organizations in numerous industries around the globe, the tools are scientifically based and practical. Market Force focuses on the mechanics of communication, coordination of action, and interpersonal dynamics – key components necessary to help people thrive inside of businesses. 



The Highest Rated Event in OG History, “Getting Wired for Prosperity” from Market Force Global with Travis Carson.  Coming to your city?

The Market Force Global presentation in San Fransico by Founder, Travis Carson shared how MFG focuses on eliminating suffering and improving the value of human connections at work. And how training for human dynamic skills can generate 108% higher revenue for producers, and 43% higher NPS scores for professionals using Market Force vs. their counterparts.

“I loved the format of the session where it was very conversational and focused on mutual exchange and learning.  It casts my areas for development (and those of high caliber people I know) in a whole new light! I’ve spoken about it almost non-stop since” – @ Hari Raghavan, Co-Founder, AbstractOp

Speaking of NPS scores, participants highly recommend this session:

NPS Score = 90!

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There is already an encore event in San Francisco on December 18, 2019. You can learn more about that here: Market Force ENCORE SF

Key Takeaways 

  • That we have a specific way of reacting under stress AND a secondary reaction post the first. Important to try to fight that urge. 
  • I have a biological nature (and we all do) that affects the way we work. 
  • The framework for thinking about people and team composition. 
  • Re-enforces that there are multiple character types that are best managed by adapting communication styles 
(click to open the PDF)


(click to open the PDF)

More Feedback from Members

  • “I loved everything about that session. The speaker was knowledgeable and led the speech, made sure everyone was engaged and involved.”
  • “Travis! How engaging it was. No slides!”
  • “It wasn’t just fun. It was so fun, I kept thinking about it the whole day yesterday and today! Thank you!”



San Francisco on December 18, 2019

Learn more and RSVP here: Market Force ENCORE SF

Would you like to see this event in LA or NY?  

Reply, Comment or shoot a note to events@operators-guild.com 

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