Ignite: Adventures in M&A


Operators enjoyed an entertaining evening of “Ignite Format” talks from your fellow OG members as well as a few honored guests who shared varied stories from their careers during certain Adventures in M&A. 

Ignite is a series of speedy presentations where the presenters get 20 slides, which automatically advance every 15 seconds. This led to fast and fun presentations that last just 5 minutes. The format is an awesome way to keep things light and entertaining while inspiring, enlighten and humor…quickly. 

This event was be hosted by Fuel, a McKinsey company in their incredible space for the evening inside McKinsey’s San Francisco office.

Thanks to the speakers for diving into past challenges and how they maneuvered the uncertainty of fast-paced growth and unexpecting circumstances.

  • Jim Cook took a company from 5 to 700 people and to chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • Todd Rakow sold his startup, bought another one, and sold that… all in 18 months.
  • Christian V. Bergmann reviewed a European M&A transaction gone bad, one which cost someone $100 million.
  • Judy Wade shared a fun story around the need to turn over every rock when it’s time to prep a company for sale.
  • OG Co-founder himself, Casey Woo  Global Head of Strategic Finance discussed the WeWork journey.







Thanks to our presenters for leading the Ignite presentations and as always to everyone else who attended for this awesome night. 

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