Describe an event or experience that defines you as an Operator: 
The diversity and frequency of operations challenges are quite impressive in the first 5 years of a startup’s life. From the day I co-founded Enview in February 2015, I’ve had to resolve issues that span anywhere between cleaning bathrooms to fundraising to creating a thousand Google docs to manning event booths to rolling out a hiring/assessment process to building an executive team to negotiating customer contracts with energy companies and government agencies. Almost 2000 exciting, often stressful but rewarding days of ops.

A time when OG offered value: 
Every week there is at least one email chain that I find educational and often copy suggestions from the OG community. Particularly useful were the timely and comprehensive analyses of the PPP loan process. Although we ultimately decided that we didn’t want to apply, the intel from the OG community helped us prepare an accurate application that we were ready to confidently pull the trigger on.

Top actionable tools or processes: 
Several tools that have made my work and that of my team much easier and more effective are Gusto (for US payroll and health benefits), Carta (for tracking option grants and 409A’s), Asana (for on-boarding checklists), Salesforce (for sales CRM), Greenhouse (for job applicant tracking). As for processes, the Enview Hiring Process that we put together last year is paying tremendous dividends. It outlines the process of accurately defining a role and then effectively assessing for the desired attributes. I’ve learned it’s far harder to implement the process and motivate people to use it than to define the process.

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