We partnered with Mindmaven founder Patrick Ewers, to share the WFH best practices he’s developed after running a 100% remote company for over a decade. Here’s the details:  
Here’s some of what we’ll cover:  
  • Staying productive at home by mastering your two modes: WorkMe and HomeMe
  • Overcoming the crippling sense of isolation while WFH by recreating your favorite in-person experiences
  • Staying connected to your team by recapturing the best parts of working in-office

Our motivation for this presentation and these resources is to help as many people as possible survive and thrive while working from home.


Core Resources:

  • A collection of the slides from today’s presentation (including 35 new slides we weren’t able to get to). 

  • The Almanac team has put together some of the best content we’ve read on working remotely, and I highly recommend checking out their guide. 


Additional Related Resources: 

  • A deep dive into Positive Alacrity

  • An eBook to help make Positive Alacrity a habit. Keep in mind this was written for an in-office environment; you’ll need to adapt some of the challenges to a remote workflow (which you now have the tools to do, after today’s presentation). 

  • A detailed walkthrough of how to kick-start interactions with almost anyone, even (and especially) if you don’t know what to say.

  • A deep dive into skillful communication and meaningful interactions

  • A deep dive into using watercooler conversations to deliver great experiences

  • A pool of questions you can use to avoid small talk and drive the conversation deeper

  • A detailed guide to using unexpected thank you emails to stay connected 

  • A walk through to set up your webcam for eye contact simulation 

  • Unique ideas to use Slack as a tool for connection and collaboration, not just status updates.

  • A step-by-step guide to building proactivity into your workflow

  • An easy-to-use checklist to start your day proactively and transition from HomeMe to WorkMe. 


Patrick & The OG Team 

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