New York City Market Force Master Class, January 16


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January 16th, 9:00AM – 12:00PM
WeWork – 135 Madison Avenue, New York – Room 5B

As one of New York’s debut events, Market Force is coming to The Big Apple! The original Master Class in October was OG’s highest-rated event to date.  LA keep your eyes out – we will be heading your way soon!

 Here is what a fellow OG’er said about the event:

“For me, this approach has been the most pragmatic approach to “typing” character traits.  I would want to do this with future teams.”

If you couldn’t make it to the Bay Area sessions, this is your chance to get trained on the highly actionable Market Force framework that will take your and your team’s performance to the next level.

The half-day rate for Market Force is $6,875. For OG members, it’s free – we hope you take advantage of this!

This will be an interactive session.

What is Market Force?

Market Force is a business execution system developed by business people for business people to excel under pressure. Used for over 40 years by organizations in numerous industries around the globe, the tools are scientifically based and practical. Market Force focuses on the mechanics of communication, coordination of action, and interpersonal dynamics – key components necessary to help people thrive inside of businesses. It teaches you about the types of reactions and tendencies people display when under pressure, shows you how to identify which archetypes people adhere to, and educates you on how to use this knowledge to drive superior results.





Travis Carson, JD/MBA and Founder of Market Force Global

Travis is a highly sought-after trainer and executive coach.  His background is that he ran operations and used the Market Force system to help build and run a variety of successful business ventures – ranging from home health care to energy-efficient lighting to real estate syndication and development.  He has since helped integrate Market Force’s principal practices into the operations of hundreds of other businesses including Colliers International, CBRE, Microsoft, WeWork and Alaska Airlines.  Said Hadley Dean, CEO of Poland’s EPP: “I used Market Force to link 1,000 people across 18 Eastern European countries, several of which were recently, or are still, at war.  We used Market Force to build trust through learning and laughter.”

Tony Cooper, CEO of Market Force Global

Tony loves “playing the game behind the game”, illuminating for his clients the unseen patterns in the game of business, helping them play at the highest levels and emboldening them to bring forth great change and impact. A successful entrepreneur for over 25 years, Tony leverages his wisdom and experience to help simplify even the most complicated issues for his clients, empowering them to continually break through blocks and limitations. Said Kyle McCray, Head of Innovation at American Pacific Mortgage, “Tony has been instrumental in providing our company with frameworks for navigating through complex business opportunities.  And, the Market Force methodologies have enabled me to drive much greater productivity and performance while better managing friction in a hyper-growth environment.  We would not be where we are today with Tony’s support.”

The OG Team

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