OG Welcomes Community Content Lead, Jeff Possiel to the Team


Jeff Possiel

Title: Founder, Dogwood Projects | Community Content Lead @ Operators Guild & Guild Talent

Hobbies: Photography, hiking, kayaking, comedy, concerts, billiards

Expertise: Communication strategies, audience development, writing, content marketing, newsletters

Hey there,

If you haven’t heard from me yet, a ping in the forum, connection request, or a notification about a recent article published on LinkedIn, you most likely soon will… I recently came on to serve the Operators Guild members and support the overall network of Operators by leading content marketing initiatives for this awesome community, and to connect with those outside of OG, who may not yet know about it. 

What this means is that I’m diving into the treasure troves of insightful conversations in the forum, gathering feedback from participants of recent meetups and events, and finding ways to break down and round up all of the super-valuable information being exchanged here. 

Whether it’s for the new monthly newsletter, regular blog and social media posts, event recaps, interviews or other avenues, the goal is to offer IV injection-like drips of actionable and applicable nuggets to digest, as well as the frameworks and gameplans discovered in the various discussions, masterclasses and focus sessions. 

As an independent online publisher, I manage my own web communities as well as support clients by creating and curating content for audience development. The reason I’m here is that I’m a natural facilitator and connector. I soak up what’s going on around and need to simplify it. Writing is how I best crystalize all the flowing ideas, and my consume and create philosophy is how I approach continuous learning with a growth mindset.

Around the corner from our home in Barrington, RI

What sparked my interest in working with the OG is how sincerely dedicated Operators are to their own profession, really owning the businesses they run both through the numbers AND the people in their organizations. You all prove it by being a part of this community, not only taking in information but sharing it because you know exactly how challenging it is to manage the many, continuous decisions on your mind and outside your office. This community allows for and encourages the vulnerability necessary to be great at what you do. 

I live in the beautiful Ocean State of Rhode Island with my wife and two fantastic-monster boys. I love everything outdoors, photography, cooking and shooting pool, and since my wife and I have lived in 7 different states between us in the last decade, we continue to travel regularly to friends and family, from the beaches to the lake mountain areas of the Adirondacks. We’re always in motion, riding bikes, paddling kayaks, hiking in the hills, or sledding on snowmachines during the winters.


Day-to-day you can find me in my home-office, earbuds in crushing podcasts, strategizing on a chalkboard, making lists on a whiteboard, typing away or writing in several notebooks.  

My boys let me carve out space in their home : )

I encourage you to reach out, pitch a contribution for a blog post, ask to be interviewed, send your takeaways from a recent event, or simply pass along a helpful article from around the interwebs.

Please connect with me, I’m excited to be here,


Jeff Possiel | LinkedIn 

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