In the first 5 years of life the Operators Guild has put on 100+ events, we’ve seen members go through IPOs, exits & shutdowns, we’ve helped dozens of people find new jobs, and all the while we’ve had an incredibly active member base sharing and supporting one another. Over that time, there have also been 1000’s of questions and answers on the email forums, and no shortage of 1:1 connections made. It has been, to say the least, awesome to see the level of engagement across all aspects of the group whether in person or online. One of the biggest strengths of the group is not just their inquisitive ‘learner’ mentality, but also the selfless sharing. We’ve got opinions and we like to tell them 🙂

The Insights section of this site is a place for those opinions and those experiences to have a public voice – a big part of OG’s success is the ‘safe space’ we create, but some things are worth sharing out.  

Our members have had kids, moved abroad, summited Everest, raised $100m+ rounds, gotten fired, and everything in between. And as we take this organization to the next level we’re not expecting those experiences or events or opinions to slow down, and we’re not going to make everything public, but we’ve now got a place we can share when appropriate. 

As one of the founders of the group it has been an incredible pleasure meeting all of our members and hearing all of those stories in person. And I can say with confidence that, given the momentum and engagement of the people involved, we’ll have some awesome content to post here!

So, bring it on!

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