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4th & King

4th & King are story tellers as you're building the story to go raise your next round. The two founders spun out of First Round Capital where they helped hundreds of series A/B companies build stories around pitch decks and data.
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Schedule Management


Calendly takes the work out of connecting with others so you can accomplish more. Setup is easy. Let Calendly know your availability preferences and it’ll do the work for you.
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Cap Table Management


Carta helps private companies, public companies, and investors manage their cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans.
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Information Technology


Electric provides a solution for every IT need. Day-to-day IT support, device management, network management, employee on-boarding and off boarding, security and compliance, strategic projects, on-site support as well as monitoring and insights.
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Talent Acquisition

Guild Talent

Guild Talent is a recruiting firm focused on Operations, Growth, Strategy, and Business Operations placements. GT works in close partnership with the Operators Guild and its members - whether they are in search for their next role or hiring for their teams.
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Gusto has made payroll easy. With just a few clicks, they calculate and file your payroll taxes. And everything syncs automatically — time tracking, new hires, benefits plans, and more.
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Performance Management


Lattice is the people management platform that empowers people leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams, inspire winning cultures, and make strategic teams.
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Corporate Photography

Lunch Break Headshots

Modern Corporate Headshots and Commercial Portraits for Entire Companies, Teams, and Executives. Serving the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, and Beyond. View their website »
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Project Management has a simple, affordable interface to manage remote teams. This team management platform lets you manage anything in any industry anywhere in the world.
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Marketing Video/Storytelling

Olivine Marketing

If you need to tell a story around a part of your company, you came to the right place. The founders of the OG have experience directly with Olivine and their excellence in marketing and storytelling, and as does a good portion of our member base. View their website »
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HR Benefits

Sequoia Benefits

For the last few years Sequoia Benefits has increasingly been the solution of choice for employer benefits for startups. We've got many many member companies using their platform. It aint cheap but you pay for what you get and they have a great reputation in market.
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Travel Management


These guys are replacing Concur as the elephant in the room for travel management. A few months ago someone asked for a recommendation and it turns out that the majority of our group uses brainer. View their website »
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Presentation Design Studio

Midea Hub

Since 2018, Midea Hub has grown tall by enabling our clients to achieve more through engaging presentations and pitch decks. We help you branch out by summoning persuasive storytelling and stunning visuals for fund decks, sales presentations, annual reports and more.
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