Built for Operators, by Operators.

Built for Operators,
by Operators.

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On-demand, dynamic Q&A with battle-tested operators


Professional Development
Master Classes, Focus Groups and Career Development


Top Talent and Jobs
OG is the place to be seen and found if you are an Operator


Not Your Typical Networking
Think of a wedding where everyone knows each other


Lasting Bonds
With OG Circles, Summit, meetups, and more, we're there to support each other


Strategy and Feedback
Serve as advisor for Tier 1 startups at FOG Advisory


Supporting Innovation
Access to the top operator syndicate, FOG Ventures


Giving Back
We share our skills with great causes and communities

Who We Are

A safe space for exclusive talent to conjure, question, and create.

Designed and built in every way by operators for operators challenged daily with the “yes, but how” questions to take a vision, an idea, a company to the next level. Our jobs are to help build great companies and cultures.

The job is lonely at times and not for the faint of heart, it’s nice to make friends and meet good people who understand what you ‘actually’ do.  Learn More > 

~ Welcome to the Guild ~

Power in the
Company We Keep

OG is a tightly-knit community of battle-tested operators refining the craft of scaling businesses, driving growth and giving back; all while having a lot of fun.

Operating ‘alone’ at each company, while held higher by the Guild and the company we keep.

More Talent. Less Ego.

OG Insights

One of the biggest strengths of our group is not just our inquisitive ‘learner’ mentality, but also the other side: sharing.  Explore OG Insights, where we post news and updates, as well as member curated articles and recommendations. 

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Read Articles and check out recommended Books.

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Recommended Blogs to follow, helpful web-tools, and more.

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