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Andy Toung



Jennifer Haroon


Standard Cognition

Tripti Thakur


Tripti Thakur Consulting

Michael Chapp



Julia Felts

Venture Build Director

BCG Digital Ventures

Maxwell Bonnie



Michal Cieplinski


Pipe & Fundbox

Waseem Daher

CEO & President


Lindsay Crittendon

VP of Growth


Stella Treas

Chief of Staff


Woody Hartman



Iris Yen

Head of Biz Ops


Mustafa Nafar

VP of Finance

Big Health

Tiffany Ly

Operations Lead, Health AI


Lenette Howard

VP Strategic Projects


Arthur Levy



Aneal Vallurupalli



Stuart Wilson

VP, Biz Ops


Rose Zhong Punkunus

Founder & CEO


Daniel Phung



Noah Marks

VP of GTM Strategy & Operations


Allen Narcisse



Susan Whittemore

Head of Rev Ops


Venketesh Iyer

Senior Director, GTM Analytics and Strategy


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Our offerings.

Operators Guild is purpose-built to empower and enable
operators to connect, grow and thrive in their career.


  • The #1 Q&A “brainhive” live forum for immediate, actionable and high quality answers from the casual to the next crisis. Our very own OG-GPT, if you will.
  • Tactical and timely Focus Sessions and Masterclasses on topics such as “So You Want to be a COO or GM,” Strategic Planning, and Negotiating Severance


  • Global Reach to over 25 major tech cities and hubs, born and rooted in Silicon Valley
  • Intimate local, in-person events fostering personal and professional conversations simultaneously
  • OG Summit, the only “un-conference” created and curated specifically with the cross-functional operator mentality in mind
  • Monthly 1:1 calls with your highly diverse and accomplished peers

Jobs & Talent.

  • Direct access to OG’s own executive recruiting agency Guild Talent, whether you’re on the job search personally or building out your team
  • Exclusive Jobs Newsletter delivered to your inbox each month
  • Supercharge your job search with introductions to VC talent partners & other outside executive recruiting firms
  • Fine tune your search and attend our weekly jobseeker meetups to learn & share from other Operators on the search


  • The #1 Operating Syndicate in the world
  • Access to highly oversubscribed and coveted start-ups
  • Co-investing alongside Tier 1 investors
  • Investing and supporting innovative founders that are helping create toolbox 2.0 for the modern day Office of the Operator
  • Not just investing in what we believe in — as active operators, we’re investing in products we actually use, buy and build

Solutions we love.

  • A directory of reads and writings, exclusively recommended by OG members


  • The #1 Q&A “brainhive” live forum for immediate, actionable and high quality answers from the casual to the next crisis. Our very own OG-GPT, if you will.
  • Tactical and timely Focus Sessions and Masterclasses on topics such as “So You Want to be a COO or GM,” Strategic Planning, and Negotiating Severance


Operators Guild is a members-only community for founders, entrepreneurs, COOs, biz ops, and finance leaders in high-growth, vc-backed companies. We are intentional about who joins our community, ensuring the caliber of human, quality of experience and generosity remains paramount. We empower operators throughout their career journey by offering connection and knowledge share between professionals who understand each other like no one else does.

Our members are senior operations and finance professionals, primarily working at venture and private equity backed technology companies. Operator role titles come a dime a dozen, but some of the titles our members hold are:

  • COO

  • CFO

  • Founder / Co-Founder

  • Business Operations

  • Strategy

  • Chief of Staff

  • General Manager

  • [Function] Operations

Anyone can apply through our application. Preference will be given to applicants who have been referred by current OG members. If you meet the criteria based on your application, our team will reach out to schedule a 30 minute informational interview with founders Casey and Jamie.

OG membership is “all-inclusive”. All members can access the full scope of benefits that we offer:

  • Live Q&A- OG Live is where members can go to get real-time feedback for any issue or challenge they may be facing as an operator. The caliber and experience of our members ensures that every answer will be relevant and helpful.

  • Events- Our virtual and in-person events include - masterclasses from top international operators - roundtables - dinners - our annual OG Summit

  • OG Partners- Our Partner program ensures that OG members get the best deals on the most cutting-edge products and tools on the market. Partner companies offer benefits exclusive to members, tried and tested by your peers.

  • Jobs Network- Being an OG member is the fast track to better hiring and hassle-free job searching. Get high-quality, pre-screened candidates when you’re trying to fill positions, as well as recommendations and direct connections when you’re looking for a job yourself.

  • OG Summit - Members receive an exclusive rate (BIG discount!) to attend our annual OG Summit.

OG has local chapters across most major US cities, with a few abroad and expanding. They provide a great opportunity for members who are craving in-person engagement and want to be part of a “trust circle” more intimate than the larger group. Learn more about the benefits of being part of a Chapter and see if there’s one near you. If not– Maybe you’ll be the one to start it?!

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