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24 months: The average employment stint of an operator in early-to-mid-stage, high growth tech companies. That means a third of all operators are looking for their next role at any point in time.
But let’s face it, when it comes to the best jobs you want–they aren’t posted. It’s all about who you know - the board members, the hiring managers, the company executives.

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OG job network is the single most powerful way to increase your odds of finding your career changing next role. After you get that sweet gig, use OG to discover and hire the best talent–referred by the operators who worked with them.

Between our jobs distribution email, roles posted on the forum, jobseeker networking sessions, and other opportunities to hire and get hired, we’re here for you!

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You will never find an organization who understands hiring for Operational/Finance/Business roles better than we do. Nor will you find anyone more well connected in this space than us. Whether you're on the job search or are building out your team, you have come to the right place. Sometimes it's about who you know; we know a lot of people and are adding more each day. Check out Guild Talent for more information, and if you're an Operators Guild member be sure to ask about discount pricing!


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OG difference.

The best jobs aren’t posted, and the best people come referred. Our jobs and candidates are crowdsourced from our members and directly submitted from top tier companies. Benefits of hiring and getting hired through OG:


Direct access to OG’s own executive recruiting agency Guild Talent

Fast lane to the actual hiring manager

Backchannel insight on the company you’re researching

Pre-screened candidates from members you trust

Personal recommendations and introductions

Looking for a new role?

Here are a few open roles from OG Community.




Zipline is looking for a COO who can guide the team through a critical period. While ensuring Zipline’s business ops can scale, the COO will have plenty of chances to shape the company’s vision, culture, and strategy.




Indiegogo Core Sales Team’s primary focus is to empower SMBs and Enterprises from US/EMEA (currently focusing on North America and Eaurope, with opportunities to grow into new regions) to launch innovative products successfully on Indiegogo. As the Director of Sales, US/EMEA, you will be leading our sales and business development efforts in US/EMEA and play a key role in scaling and optimizing a critical business unit at Indiegogo.

Director of Pricing


As Director of Pricing, you will own everything pricing related at Placer. You will leverage qualitative and quantitative analysis to create and operationalize pricing recommendations that will drive increases in ASP, conversion rates, and retention rates. You will run pricing projects end-to-end, from problem and hypothesis development through analysis to recommendation, while driving cross-functional alignment to ensure smooth implementation by the GTM Teams.

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(jobs) delivered to your inbox.

Even non-members can benefit from our curated weekly jobs newsletter, which compiles open operator positions.

Sweet gigs (jobs) delivered to your inbox.

Even non-members can benefit from our curated weekly jobs newsletter, which compiles open operator positions.

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